USDA Self-Help Housing Program


We need families to build homes NOW!
3-4 bedroom homes with 2 baths & 2 car garage
No down payment

There are only a few income and credit guidelines that need to be met to make one of these homes yours.

Steady verifiable income for last two years
Income requirements depend on family size and debt (minimum $19,000.00)

3 credit references:

Any open account that is paid monthly in your name that has
12 month pay history with no late pays references could be: Landlord
Installment Loans
Revolving Accounts
Insurance – Auto/Renters/Life ( paid monthly)

ALL Collections on credit report must be paid for 6 months (only exception is medical under $500.00) OR currently on a payment plan with on time payments for last 12 months.

Call 812-858-3707 & ask for Amy Robling